Robotics Australia Group

Robotics Australia Group is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation set-up to act as the voice for Robotics in Australia. 


Our Vision is to build a sustainable robotics industry in Australia by supporting the entire robotics ecosystem, from the companies building robots to those researching and developing new robotic technologies, robotics educators and enthusiasts, and the companies looking to adopt robots and robotics-related technologies.


  • As the peak body for robotics in Australia, Robotics Australia Group was established to facilitate the growth of a sustainable and internationally competitive national robotics industry.
  • Robotics Australia Group will align current robotics activity and create a focussed, collaborative approach between industry, research, government, start-ups, investment and education to build a robust and world-class robotics ecosystem.

The Board of Robotics Australia Group reflect the diversity and scope of the robotics industry with key leaders in the field involved to deliver outcomes for the industry.

Meet Our Board


Sue is an experienced R&D leader with a focus on disruptive technologies. She is a trained scientist with highly developed strategic, analytical and business skills. Her background in commercialisation helps me successfully bridge the gap between ideas and implementation. Sue is the CEO of Queensland Al Hub, after leading cyber-physical systems research for CSIRO’s Data 61. She previously set-up the world’s first robotic vision research centre and led the development of Australia’s first robotics roadmap, the Robotics Australia Network and the Queensland Robotics Cluster.


Sharna is an experienced executive leader with over 20 years’ experience in mining. Currently the CEO of Imvelo, she has expertise in the application of step-change innovation enabling safety and productivity leaps. Coupled with her experience in business development, organisational change management and project management, Sharna passionately leads new ways of thinking and delivery in the mining industry.
Joe is a leading underground mine automation and technology implementer globally. He is a highly experienced technology integrator, negotiator and project manager. Currently the Operations Manager of Australian Droid & Robot, Joe facilitates the formation of close partnerships to achieve the safe and profitable extraction of resources which are becoming deeper, more remote and more difficult to extract.
Nathan has a proven and demonstrable track record of uncovering and imagining emerging real world, opportunities for cutting edge robotics research intentions and forging viable R&D to Deployment (R&D2D) pathways to their realisation. Over 15+ years in industry, and 10+ years in academia, initiating, shaping, establishing, driving and leading cutting-edge research driven enabling, transformative, and disruptive innovation.
Christian has a background in Engineering and Research Management, as an Automation specialist with over 30 years experience. As the R&D Program Manager (Processing Automation of Meat & Livestock Australia, Christian has demonstrated multiple project management abilities, ability to communicate technical detail to all levels of an organisation, and strong interpersonal skills which fosters collaboration and innovation between colleagues, suppliers, and customers.


Kathie is driven by a passion for deep tech and is committed to advocating for Australia’s technological capabilities to amplify our nation’s competitive advantage. As a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia, Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Senior Executive MBA, Kathie has significant experience as a governance and risk professional, including as a Founder, Executive, Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary. She also brings 20 years’ senior leadership and commercial experience across a range of industries including tech startups, coworking, health regulation and tourism.


“With support and collaboration between industries, government, researchers and developers in coming years we will see robotic technology developed that can help maintain our living standards, protect the environment, provide services to remote communities, reduce healthcare costs and create more efficient and safer workplaces”

Dr Sue Keay, architect of the first roadmap

Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel AO, “robots and artificial intelligence are appearing in every industry sector, with huge practical impact on the way we live, work, and plan for the future. This roadmap shows just how quickly this field is moving, and the rewards available to a robot-ready Australia.”

Senator Kim Carr, “we need to change the narrative around robots to one of job creation.” This roadmap shows just how quickly this field is moving, and the rewards available to a robot-ready Australia.”

Source: Speeches at the launch of the Robotics Roadmap for Australia 2018

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