Australian Robotics Ventures Factory

As Australia’s peak body for robotics; RAG is collaborating with Government, industry, robotics companies, the research sector, investment and education to build a robust and world-class robotics manufacturing ecosystem through the Australian Robotics Ventures Factory (RoboFactory).

The project will create the Australian Robotics Ventures Factory (RoboFactory): a national connected marketplace aggregator for robotics manufacturers to access shared demonstration sites, technology and higher value-add services.

The project also includes a new Robotics Tech Park in Emerald, Queensland comprising a field testing and demonstration area and an innovation precinct.

Considering the manufacturing “smile curve”, the RoboFactory will support Australian companies to participate in higher value-added manufacturing segments, including commercialisation services, leading to significant job creation and export opportunities. 

RoboFactory will foster a sustainable and competitive Australian robotics ecosystem, enabling accelerated commercialisation of innovative solutions for industry challenges across mining, agriculture and defence.

RAG has partnered with 10 innovators to progress the project and has submitted an MMI application for Australian Government support.

Australian Robotics Ventures Factory


Location Proposal for the Australian Robotics Tech Park

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